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Sanitizing just got easier.

Easily sanitize on the go with a Krisband hand sanitizer wristband.

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Ok so so far I LOVE the wristband!! I found it really easy to use especially after I change the baby and don’t have to hunt through my purse to get my hand sanitizer. Really digging it


I love my Krisband! It is so convenient as I touch multiple surfaces all day, including high traffic areas at work. It is easy to use and literally takes a few seconds to fill in the cavity, using the refill hand sanitizer bottle that comes with it!


This worked beautifully!! I loved it so much it was so convenient. It’s so comfy too I barely even notice when it’s on my hand! My friends love it and I love it.


I absolutely love my Krisband. I bring it with me everywhere, especially for school. I can just get hand sanitizer easily, and then I’m clean!